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Lingerie Pink

Light Pink Base Kit


Base Bra Kit Now you can completely cusomise your bra kits and simply add lace! These kits are made for BOO3 or BOO2 bra kits. These kits are designed to allow you feedom to create. Consisting of Powernet, Tricot and an Add Kit (a pack of pre-cut...

Light Pink Fold Over Elastic


Folding Elastic  This elastic is an amazing product. Shiny on one side and matte on the other, you can have two very differnt finishes to suit the indivisual project you are sewing. Folding elastics come in a few different widths, but 15mm is by far...

Lingerie Pink Add Kit


Lingerie Pink Bra Add Kits Add kits contain everything you need to make a bra except underwires and fabrics. You can customise them to suit your needs and style. Tab choices indicate width not depth as all tabs are at least 3 deep. These kits are...

Lingerie Pink Casing


Bra Wire Casing Underwire casing for bra, costuming and swimwear construction. This 12mm bra casing is plush and is very soft to touch, ideal for bra making. Sold by the metre and used to insert underwires into your bras and cover the cup seams...

Lingerie Pink Facing Elastics


Lingerie Pink facing elastic A facing elastic is an elastic that has a fancy edge suitable for lingerie and bra making. It might be a scallop, picot, piping or loop edge profile among others. This facing elastic is a firm-medium strength and has a plush...

Lingerie Pink Hook and Eye Tape


Lingerie Pink Hook and Eye Tape Plush back hook and eye tape sold by the metre. This tape is marked with tailors chalk in specific spots to calcualte metreage, and this is easily washed or wiped off. This product is perfect for the Gail wire free...

Lingerie Pink Powernet


Mediumweight Pink Powernet Powernet is a fabric with small holes throughout, that is widely used for bra backs and controlwear. It can be found in many weights to suit personal preferences. These fabrics are sold by the half metre or metre unless stated...

Lingerie Pink Sheer Nylon


Lingerie Pink Sheer Nylon This is a very sheer nylon with no stretch which makes it good for bra making. This fabric is widely used with laces to create that sexy see-through finish whilst maintaining great support. Even though this fabric is fine, it is...

Lingerie Pink Strap Set


Bra Strap Set These sets are handmade upon ordering and can be customised to suit your needs. Select either a ring finish that has a ring on one end or hook finish that has hooks on both ends. The ring finish can be stitched directly onto clothing by...

Lingerie Pink Tabs


Hook and Eye Tabs Plush backed tabs for bra making. These tabs come as a two piece set and hooks are 20mm apart. The sizes available are: 1 x 3 = 1 hook wide and 3 hooks deep (Tab dimensions - 5cm long x 1.8cm wide) 2 x 3 = 2 hooks wide and 3 hooks deep...

Matte Lycra Lingerie Pink

NOW: $15.00

Mediumweight Matte Lycra High quality Lycra perfect for knickers, slips, bralettes, camisoles and pajamas are dyed to match some of our regular range. Great recovery and sold by the metre. Our non-marked stock is on backorder until further notice and is...

Pale Pink Strap Elastic


Bra strap elastic This bra strap elastic is limited edition and useful for bra making, costuming and sporting attire such as ballet and dancewear. Strap elastics are non-returnable as they are cut for your order. Very rarely, there may be a join in the...

Petticoat Pink 16cm Stretch Lace


Pink Stretch Lace This lace is a medium-firm stretch lace in a pale pink with bilateral edges. Laces are sold by the metre unless stated otherwise. Kindly note that the laces have joins throughout the rolls, so if ordering larger quantites, you may have...

Shell Pink 24cm Stretch Lace


Shell Pink Stretch Lace This lace is a beautful light pink and grey colour with light cording. Laces are sold by the metre unless stated otherwise. Kindly note that the laces have joins throughout the rolls, so if ordering larger quantites, you may have...

Slim Bow Light Pink


Slim Bows Bra bows are a charming finishing touch to knickers, bras and other lingerie items. These little bows are also used widely across craft projects such as scrapbooking and card making. Sold individually.