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The Booby Traps Team

The Booby Traps Team

Our team may be small, but we are proud!

We are a group of three hard working women who have a passion for sewing and teaching. We love to hear our designs are making sewists happy and fixing problematic issues people have had with their bras and lingerie. For many years, we have assisted people with post surgery bras, mastectomy adaptions, breast misbalances, allergenic requirements, body issues and painful medical restrictions. We feel a great sense of accomplishment helping others establish a happy and beneficial sewing journey with their lingerie and bra making. All three of the Booby Traps team are part of the sewing classes and workshops, and love working together, thoroughly enjoying time spent pattern making or teaching.


Lynnette Goodrick19143793-303032620145871-3677457452410035836-o.jpg

Lynn has been sewing since she was six years of age and has accumulated extensive knowledge and skill over many years in the sewing industry. She has a passion for sewing that never dwindles or fades, and Lynn's talent knows no bounds. Lynn is competent in all areas of sewing, and is known as the Booby Traps guru. She tackles every sewing challenge with absolute knowledge, skill and confidence. Lynn was educated at East Sydney Technical College, and graduated in 1959. Her training and workplace knowledge has had her teaching at Tafe and other institutions, as well as selling sewing machines, making bridal gowns and soft furnishings. Lynn is a Booby Traps icon and never shies away from any sewing challenge. Lynn is a proud mother of three, a grandmother to nine (plus some fur grandbabies) and a great grandmother to one so far. Lynn joins us once a week for pattern making and runs our sewing classes.


Arne Delacherah-dee-211120-hr-630.jpg

Arne has a world of knowledge backing her, and is always keen to absorb more! She was born and raised in Austria and has brought her extremely wide knitting, crochet and sewing knowledge to Australia, where she raised her family. Arne's training is extensive in both countries. Arne joined the team, bringing in the knitting and crochet classes, dedicating herself to providing amazing patterns under her own brand G'Ma. Arne is also one of the Booby Traps gorgeous models and custom makes for specific bra and lingerie customers. Arne has been amazingly successful in tackling and conquering the Booby Traps voluptuous patterns, grading and sampling to get our successful E - I cup bra pattern range launched. Arne is known to randomly put a half made bra on her head for no apparent reason but to give us a laugh ;) Arne is the mother of two successful daughters, and has two grandchildren. We are luck enough to have Arne for weekend classes.

Arne is known for the following quotes:


Dearne Natoli27332516-10214651212931958-5889518657685735451-n.jpg

Dee is the current owner of Booby Traps. A former dental nurse, with a fabulous bra concept, had her purchasing the fabulous Booby Traps company when her youngest child had started primary school. Dee was trained in university as a practice manager, and poured her heart and soul into the business for many years, often putting her wages back into the company to ensure she could provide what her customers needed. She is always creating new products and designing new lingerie styles for herself, Lynn and Arne to tackle. Dee has a supportive family - a wonderful husband and three wonderful children that have all helped Booby Traps at different times during the journey. Whilst running Booby Traps as a solo operation for many years (with Lynn working once a week), Dee successfully designed, made and launched the Australian brand Bare Bax Lingerie, the only interchangeable bra back system. She is the one and only packer at Booby Traps ;)