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How It Works

The Bare Bax Bra System

This is an incredible and adaptable bra system. A must have for your lingerie collection!

Designed by myself, Dearne Natoli in 2018, this is the only system in the world made for interchangeable bra backs that are designed to be shown. It has been such a wonderful experience to offer this innovative and new product to the world, as I have been a lover of lingerie for many years and saw the need for a backless but supportive bra option. My bra system requires one bra to allow it to function correctly, as the designs are engineered to fit the backs as close to the underarm as is comfortably possible. Therefore, allowing low backed and most backless option garments be used alongside these bras.

The bras have adjustability options at both sides, and this allows you to have weight fluctuations without having to replace your bra. Each back is changed over at these two points. It can be done by the wearer, but is tricky as it is under your arm. If you struggle, bras and back can be assembled backwards and under the bust, then swivelled into position, then straps and cups raised up over the bust and shoulders. The backs cover many colours and styles, with more available in the Booby Traps Warriewood warehouse. 

Our bras and backs are all made in Australia, as well as almost all of our strap system.  All pieces are designed by myself, and there are custom options available as well should you need it. We have often made bridal backs using the hem of a bridal gown, to assist with bust support on hat special day, or made lingerie from a gown after the wedding. These custom options need to be approved by our team prior to purchasing. 

I hope you love my Bare Bax Lingerie as much as I do and look forward to seeing all those fab pics of you wearing your lovely low backed clothes.

Dee Natoli

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