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Bra Making & Kit Information

Kindly Note: I am working on this info category at the moment - so please bear with me while I get in all the info :) Many thanks. Dee


Booby Traps - The Original Bra Kit Company


Booby Traps was the first bra kit company in the world. 

Run on the Northern Beaches since 1972 by only two owners in its life so far, Booby Traps has dominated the bra kit field, offering variety, quality and education. Though we are a small family run business, we are always striving to satisfy what our customers need. 

All kits are prepared and hand packed in Australia. As our wages obey Australian wage regulations, the labour cost is higher. For this reason, we run our bra kits as a low profit product, so you can buy the pre-packaged kit at a moderate cost for your bra making endeavours.

Why is it important to choose the right bra kits?

All kit contents are always prepared with attention to necessary bra making engineering rules. This means we ensure the kit fabrics will create the support required for a bra pattern. We have had many customers contacting us requesting more fabrics after receiving kits not made by Booby Traps. This is mostly due to the lack of lining when used with inappropriate bra fabrics. Be sure the kits will work for the pattern you are using.

Bra making needs two engineering requirements for success:

1. A good pattern

2. The correct fabrics

Without both of the above requirements, your bra making may not be highly successful. You may not only struggle to assemble the bra, but the support will be inadequate.

Why is lining needed?

Lining is very important to our team at Booby Traps, and you will find all of our bra patterns recommend lining. We believe lining has three amazing qualities essential in bra making:

1. The lining encases your seams. This means a aesthetic inside as well as the outside and no itchy seams that often go over sensitive areas such as nipples.

2. The linings can act as the engineering if you wish to use a non-supportive exterior, such as Lycra, stretch lace, mesh or weak fabrics.

3. Natural fibre lining such as baby combed cotton, reduces skin irritations such as allergies or post operative healing.

What is in the Booby Traps bra kits?

Our kits contain enough fabric, elastics and notions to make one full coverage bra in the size selected. Our kits are made in 4 sizes and the fabrics put in are prepared accordingly. Our Standard Kits cover up to 14E, our Medium Kits up to 18E, our Curves Kits up to 26E, and Voluptuous up to size 30E. When you choose your bra size, we make the kit size you fit into. Some fabrics and laces will not cover all these kit sizes, and henceforth are not available. The kits do not cover a fabric strap, so if using another pattern with a large fabric strap, you may not have enough fabric.

What other kits can I get?

We have kits for most of our patterns including: bralette kits, wirefree bra kits, teddy kits, swim kits, bustier and corset kits.

What if I cant see my bra size? 

We are sorry, some laces do not fit some cup sizes. If you love a kit and want something similar in your size, you are most welcome to email us and we can make recommendations for you.

How quickly are kits made?

If ordering kits via Express Freight, please be aware the kits are handmade upon ordering to your specified requirements and they cannot always be shipped by 11am. We always endeavor to get kits off to you within a day even though our packing time is 2 - 10 business days.

What patterns do Booby Traps bra kits cover?

The styles covered by our regular bra kits are below, but we have specific kits for all other bra pattern styles.


What Bra fabrics are good for bra making?

There are many options for bra fabrics. We have some general info at the end of this page, but you can also use the following:

Duoplex - 100% Polyester fabric with a slight one way 'give', duoplex has a ribbed shiny appearance and often has a matte underside. It is a strong and supportive fabric.

Simplex - 100% Nylon knit with a shiny ribbed appearance. Strong support for bra making with only a slight one-way 'give'

All over Lace (fabric lace) - lace fabric can be either stretch or rigid with many patterns and designs. A very affordable bra fabric as you can get many lingerie items out of it. 

Silk - A strong, high-end natural fibre often used in lingerie due to its breathability and look. Can be blended with elastane for a stretch option.

Satin - a mirrored fabric that can be wither stretch or rigid with a soft slinky feel.

Baby Combed Cotton - 100% cotton with a fine GSM to ensure support without bulk.

Great lining fabrics are sheer nylon, Tricot, Baby combed cotton. You can also use Simplex or Duoplex for a completely stable option.

What is an add kit?

An add kit is a pre-packaged kit containing elastics, tabs and notions required to make a bra. Here is the breakdown:

Shoulder strap elastic, wider facing elastic for the band, narrower facing elastic for the underarm, underwire casing, bra tab closure, two rings, 2 slides and 1 motif for a finishing touch. The add kit bra strapping and tab closure can be customised by you according to your width preferences. Facing elastics increase in width depending on your bra size as follows:

Petites Add Kits have a 8-10mm underarm and band facing elastic 

Standard Add Kits have a 10mm underarm and 12mm band facing elastic

Medium Add Kits have a 12mm underarm and 15mm band facing elastic

Curves Add Kits have a 12mm underarm and 19mm band facing elastic

Voluptuous Add Kits have a 15mm underarm and 19mm band elastic

What are the colours for add kits, cup fabrics & back fabrics?

We have many colour choices at Booby Traps! You can customise the kit to suit your taste. Powernet and cotton lining colours are limited, but cup fabric and add kits can be colour changed.


If I change the kit to a bra and briefs kit what is included?

The bra & Briefs kit has enough fabric, lace and notions to make a set. The knickers style covered is for a normal bikini style for a lace and fabric option and a cheekies style for an all lace option. If the kit is made using rigid lace, the knickers will be mostly fabric with enough lace to run on the diagonal or down the pattern pieces so as not to limit the stretch against your body. You can even run the rigid lace across the front pattern piece, but the back must be stretch. These kits do not cover larger coverage briefs such as high waisted.

Bra & Briefs Kit includes - Bra back fabric (powernet, elastane or Lycra), bra cup fabrics, bra lining fabric, facing elastics for both bra and briefs, bra shoulder strap elastic, underwire casing, underwires, hook and eye tab, lace for both bra and briefs (if applicable), bra hardware (rings and slides), briefs gusset fabric, bra and briefs motifs.

What is the underarm and band elastic called?

These elastics are known as a facing elastic. The facing elastic is a bra elastic that has a fancy edge profile such as scallop, picot, piping or loop. These edges are designed so the raw edge of the fabric is stitched underneath the elastic with the fancy edge protruding just above the edge of the bra or bralette. 

What amount of lace is included and how do I make an all lace version of a bra kit?

Lace is provided for the centre front and upper cup pattern pieces. You may use the lace in a different application if desired though. The kits explain what is recommended for each bra section. If wanting a kit in all lace, you can add an extra metre of lace from the dropdown menu. Some laces may not be wide enough to make an all lace option depending on the pattern you are using.

Other than the kit, what else do I need for bra making?

The requirements are simple for bra making, but there are other supplies you can get to assist you in your lingerie making journey.

You need:

A simple sewing machine with straight and stretch stitch capabilities. An overlocker is not needed for bras, but is useful for knickers and lingerie (but not essential)

A great sewing pattern

Polyester thread

Stretch needles for your sewing machine

The following supplies are useful, but not essential:

Silk pins prevent damage to delicate fabrics and will last a very long time, as the quality is superior to most

Good quality scissors our favorite's are the Takumi scissors, but Klasse is also very good

A sharp unpicker

Duckbill scissors are helpful for cutting aways underneath applique 

The Bra Making DVD/USB is a helpful tool, as it guides you through your first bra and acts as a refresher if you take a bra making break.

Is the greatest Stretch important?

Yes, it is vital to bra making. It can be the make or break of your end result.

The greatest Stretch provides not only support, but also 'give' that is necessary for bust fluctuations. Breast tissue can fluctuate for many reasons, such as hormonal surges, weight gain or loss and water retention, and our bra fabrics must try and absorb these minor changes. The greatest stretch for non-rigid fabrics, can apply to the outer fabric or the lining fabric, as long as one layer obeys the rule. In the case of using a fabric without an obvious greatest stretch, such as a 2 or 4 way stretch fabric or a scallop lace edge that stretches in the wrong direction, the greatest stretch can be ignored for the outer layer, but lining must be used to support the greatest stretch rule.

How do I test the greatest Stretch?

Ensure you fold your fabric to create a double layer, then stretch it against a tape measure or ruler to determine how far it can stretch. 

Reviews are great!

We love seeing what you make! Please email us your finished bras so we can brag about you on our social pages ;) Also reviews are wonderful to help others make pattern and kit choices to suit them, so please review your bra kits by clicking on the link near the top of the specific bra kit page and follow the prompts to enter your review. Alternatively you can email us the review to load onto the website for you.

More general info!

Below is our pattern Materials Requirements education sheet to give you a brief run-down on the essentials. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Happy bra making!