Molded Cups for bra making, swimwear construction and costuming

Sold by the pair.

Available in Black, White and Nude. Please read the description below for more information.

Please note: The sizing has changed - see below for details.

As low as $5.65
Molded Cups for bra making, swimwear construction and costuming is available to buy in increments of 1

Full coverage bra cups

Great for bra-making, swimwear, dancewear and costumes.

All moulded cups are a B cup, as this is the only size made. That means if you are bigger than a B cup you will need to increase the cup size. Please see the image attached to find your size.

This is a recommended guide only, as body shapes do differ dramatically. If you have purchased an ill-fitting cup, you are welcome to exchange it.

Please Note: 

The sizes have been ammended slightly as of August 2019, so the size you normally order may be slightly different. The reason for this is that we feel the supplier was slightly out with their recommendations. As bra makers, we have had access to many bust sizes and feel our sizing is the most accurate. In some cases, bust sizes may be in between, and we cannot accomodate this. The best thing to do is get a size larger and cut it away slightly. The sizes recomended below are accuate for most Australian bust sizes. We have also listed the full measurements below so you can select the cups you need. We have also listed the size stamp on the cups to ensure you can match it up and provided a cross grade to help you select a suitable cup.

Individual Cup Measurements

Taken externally

UB - Underbust

OB - Overbust

A - Armhole

 Size                           UB                                  OB                           A

6 (44A)                       19cm                               17cm                       8.5cm

8 (44B)                       20cm                              18cm                       9cm

10 (46B)                     22cm                              19cm                        9.5cm

12 (48B)                     22.5cm                           20cm                       10cm

14 (48C)                     24cm                              21cm                        10.5cm

16 (48D)                     26cm                             20.5cm                     11.5cm

18 (50D)                     27cm                             21.5cm                     11.5cm

20 (52D)                    28cm                              22.5cm                    11.5cm

22 (54D)                    29.5cm                           23cm                        11.5cm

24 (56D)                    31cm                              23.5cm                     11.5cm

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Moulded Cup Conversion Chart

This chart is to be used as a guide only as fit is dependant on the product you are making and the individual. Boost cups may require a 1 size increase

Bra Conversion Chart

Bra Conversion Chart


Size Conversion Chart


Size Conversion Chart

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