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Moulded Cups, Laminated Foam & Boosters

Laminated Foam and Molded Cups for bra, swimwear and costume construction.

Molded Cups are a prefabricated shaped foam cup to use in bra making, swimwear and costume construction. These cups come in many shapes and may have a boost or non-boost option. The boost enhances cleavage and lifts the bust. If the cups are boost it will be stated in each product, if it is not stated it is a non-boost cup. All moulded cups are a B cup. It is explained in each product how to achieve the bust size you require. 

Laminated Foam is foam pieces that are laminated either side with fabric for comfort and aesthetics. Laminated Foam is used in lingerie, costuming and swimwear construction to to add bulk or boost into some patterns. It is also useful in bra making or bustiers to eliminate protruding nipples. The foam can be used on the lower cup only or the whole cup on most bra patterns. It is simply cut and stitched as if it were a normal pattern piece. Some people prefer to overlock it or simply zig zag it neatly together.

Boost fillets are shaped foam pieces that can be inserted into the lining of a bra cup to lift and enachnce the bust. They can be stitched in place or just slipped into a lower lining piece.