Elastane & Powernet

BT recommends these fabric for use in bra backs and control wear.

The powernet and Eastane fabrics can also be used in the bra side and centre front pieces if desired. Great for control wear and may be doubled to provide extra support if required.

Powernet - may be lightweight, mediumweight or heavyweight. With most powernets, the greater the weight, the better the support. However, this also depends on the quality as some fabrics do not return to their original shape quickly when stretched. Larger bra sizes should be using medium-heavyweight powernet for the bra backs. Smaller cups may get away with lightweight powernet, stretch lace or lycra as an alternative. However, most bra makers will recommend powernet as a preferred option for longevity of support.

Powernet has very small holes and when stretched the holes will close to indicate the greater stretch. When the holes are open when stretched, this indicates the grain direction.

Elastane - Has the same use and properties as powernet with a lovely satin finish.

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