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  2. Digital Patterns by Booby Traps

    We are excited to announce Booby Traps has launched even more lingerie and bra patterns!

    We also have another dozen in the works and will be focusing on larger bust size bra patterns and lingerie, including Kimono robe pattern,swimwear bikini patterns and more suspender patterns.

    Here is the range so far....

    Booby Traps Lingerie and Bra Sewing Patterns4-in-1 Pattern Coversheet
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  3. Digital Briefs and Lingerie Patterns now available!

    Briefs and Lingerie Patterns now available digitally! We launched some of our bra patterns a few weeks ago and have been enjoying sharing our pattern around the world - now we have even more digital versions!

    Create stunning boutique lingerie from

    Digital patterns Digital patterns[/caption]

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  4. Digital Bra Patterns Now For Sale!

    bt_product_high_res_ah_3514_091_-_600_x_800 (2) bt_product_high_res_ah_3514_280_-_600_x_800
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