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  • Digital Bra Patterns Now For Sale!

    bt_product_high_res_ah_3514_091_-_600_x_800 (2) bt_product_high_res_ah_3514_280_-_600_x_800Dee_19714_Poses_Hi Res_030 - Copy (2)

    Dee_19714_Products_Hi Res_306 - 800 x 600 (2) Dee_19714_Products_Hi Res_361 - Copy (6) Dee_19714_Products_Hi Res_388 - Copy (2) Dee_19714_Products_Hi Res_394 - Copy (4) Dee_19714_Products_Hi Res_505 - 600 x 800 (2)

    Booby Traps has launched their first bra patterns in digital form - now you can buy digital bra patterns online and have them delivered within a day!

    Digital Bra Patterns now available:- Dart Bra Pattern, Baroque Bra Pattern, Julie Bra And Briefs Pattern, Jayne Bra Pattern, Claudia Bra Pattern, Molded Cup Bra Pattern, Joy Bralette Pattern.

  • Now selling bikini componets for bikini model competitions

    Now available to purchase online are a fabulous range of rhinestone bikini connectors, molded cups for comp bikinis, assorted printed lycras and more! View our range at

    Shipping to Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and UK.

    88 (2) 77 $_8857 33 88 22 cups-mc17 cups-mc15

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